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Here Is How You Save On Your Energy Cost and Rates. 
   Thousands of businesses are trending towards procuring their natural gas and electricity needs through the Energy Exchange’s live Reverse Auction Platform. The Exchange creates a wholesale trading environment for commercial buyers of energy, achieving savings of up to 30%. This revolutionary Exchange facilitates billions of combined kilowatt hours and therms being bought and sold on a daily basis, dramatically reducing the cost of commercial energy users’ natural gas and electricity bills. The Exchange works similarly to how stock prices are realized on the NYSE. The live exchange allows for up to 25 sellers (The Energy Companies) to bid against each other on customer accounts, causing rates to drop precipitously during the live 5-to-10 minute reverse auctions and creating a buyer’s market for businesses procuring energy. We also provide costumed and instant rate quotes as well. 

Live Energy-Procurement Platform & Electricity:

What is a Live Reverse Auction? 

   The Reverse Auction is an innovative platform that has created a strategic shift in how energy is bought and sold throughout the country.  Real-time competitive bidding technology has become a game-changer because of its ability to uncover the lowest rates for business and government entities, and is considered a best practice for energy procurement. By inviting the most competitive energy suppliers in the market to bid in a reverse auction hosted exclusively for your company, all participants are able to bid and counter-bid in the transparent, real-time platform that goes on until the lowest rates in the market are uncovered. The process ensures fair and transparent competition, which benefits suppliers who want to win more business and challenges the entire market to offer competitive rates. 


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